Learning while playing

Your children are one of the most precious things to you, so you try to ensure the best day-care for them.Alanya has a wide variety of-mostly private-day creches and pre-school care/day nurseries.Ekim Yuva creche was established in 1994 and focuses on ail areas of child development: social-emotional, sognitive, psychomotor learning and self-care.

Ekim Yuva believe that it is important that children are treated in a loving/caring way, in a clean environment, where they feel safe.After all, as educational sciences specialist Irmak Doğan states, you cannot give effective education to children who feel insecure or uncomfortable.

The education at Ekim Yuva is based on various scientific theories incuding the principles of Montessori education and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, by Howard Gardner.Montessori education is named after the Italion Maria Montessori; the philosophy is based on helping children become self-motivated, self-disciplined and to retain the sense of curiosity that so many children loose along the way, in traditional classrooms.Children are encouraged to act witd care and respect toward their environment and each other.They are alowed to work their own pace and ability.

According to Gardner, every human being possesses eight different intelligences becomes more prominent and this gives us our particular type of cleverness.It is the same for children.Every child is 'smart' and 'clever' but in their own unique way.

The Ekim Yuva system accommodates all kinds of intelligenceso every child has a change to discover and develop their own talents.They offer a variety of development options i.e. classes in ballet, music, piano, folklore drama, English and computers."Our efforts are focused on one main goal: to raise happy and successful adults." says Irmak Doğan.

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